“BoviLab Blood Analyzer” Now FOR SALE 2022.12.23

We released the new veterinary chemistry analyzer “BoviLab Blood Analyzer” BA-100A and dedicated reagent “BoviLab Slide” on October 4, 2022.
This device is a portable blood biochemical analysis system that is developed exclusively for Bovine, enabling blood biochemical tests that could not be measured on-farm until today.
In addition, this reagent has a built-in “whole blood/plasma separation mechanism” that combines a glass fiber filter and track etched membrane in the reagent cartridge.
When a 150 µL whole blood sample is dropped, the plasma is automatically separated at the time of measurement.
The plasma is transferred to each reaction cell, reacts with the reagent components, and then can measure up to 6 items simultaneously in about 7 minutes using the colorimetric method.

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