The 54th AABP conference in SLC Utah, USA 2021.10.07

The 54th AABP(Association of American Bovine Practitioners) 2021 conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah in the US from October 7 to 9, and I.B Co., Ltd. Participated the exhibition.
A lot of renowned veterinarians, researchers, and professors from all over the United States attended this annual conference and we are the only exhibitor from out of the state.

 I.B exhibited prototype version of BoviLab. This device attracted attentions from lots of experts for its innovative technology. This handheld device has ability to analyze multiple analytes at once not only in the laboratory but also on site.

 Also, we held our own private seminar on Oct 8th to introduce how this can be applied to US market.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Oetzel from University of Wisconsin-Madison delivered speech regarding positioning of BoviLab and why NEFA analysis is important for earlier detection of disease.

 As we believe earlier detection, treatment(prevention) is the most important, we will continue this type of activities in the future.

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